Murray playing a saxophone solo
Solo instrument music service from Park Avenue West Entertainment

Celebrity Sax was created a few years ago after a request from Rodeo Drive jewelry store owner to perform for a Hollywood’s A-List of actors and sports figures attending his event.

Murray posing with a saxphone at the Huntington LibraryMy saxophone provided a jazzy underscore for the stars, as they arrived in their pricy automobiles and walked onto the red carpet, as the paparazzi snapped their photographs.

After receiving many compliments that night, I decided to use the name Celebrity Sax. Since then, I have had many offers to perform for mixers, corporate events, Christmas parties, and fundraisers.

Options for Celebrity Sax include adding one or two musicians such as our great guitarist or using the mellow sounds of the vibraphone, played by our lovely lady vibraphonist.

Celebrity Sax provides a cost effective way to provide quality live-music, at a fraction of the cost. So kindly give us a call soon, for your next event!

Saxophonically Yours, Murray Middleman


Elegant Solo Sax

"Celebrity Sax was created... to perform for a Hollywood's A-List of actors and sport figures"


Solo Saxophone

Sax and Tracks

Sax and Guitar

Sax and Vibraphone

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